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Butler 240 Count S3 Soft Chews Synovial Support Supplement, All

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  • Recommended For Geriatric And Arthritic Dogs
  • Liver Flavor That Dogs Love
  • Contains Glucosamine
  • Contains Msm

  • Product Review


    Excellent product my 2 older Doberman Pinschers love it and it has really made a difference for them. It was recommended to me by my VET I followed her valuable advice 2 years ago and never regreted my decision. Furthermore, the item came in promptly as promised and well packaged, thank you!


    PattyMae Scott

    I have for the past 6 years purchased this product to give to my dog. My dog is 9 years old and 110 pounds. She suffer from dysplasia in her back right leg and this product has relieved her from pain and help to eliminate her from limping. I recommend this product for anyone who has a dog suffering from dysplasia.



    We have used these for the past 3 years for our elderly Beagle and they have worked remarkably to help her arthritis. The last batch was fine but the batch prior was not soft at all. We were able to use them put fear later in the Beagles life they may get too hard to chew. This batch was much softer to chew. They are advertised as soft chew. We will still order again due to the results we have seen.


    Karen staniszewski

    I thought our 13 year old Yorkie was on his way out he could barely stand without falling. Our Vet recommended these chews but I was hesitant because it is an investment and I didn't think he had much time left. I finally decided to order them, and within 1 week he made a noticeable improvement. It's been about a month and he is back to his old self. Amazing, amazing amazing!!. I will say, he is finicky about his treats, and doesn't love to eat them as some reviews claim, but I wrap them in cheese and he will eat them.



    great for my doggie, and he loves them. i add two to his bowl of food every morning. he wont start eating till i add these to the bowl. ( looks at me like come on wheres the good stuff,lol) it seems to help his bad hips out alot. i also started walking him regularly and that seemed to help also.


    Denise Mikroulis

    Very pleased with my purchases from this vendor. They work wonders for my older labs and they just think they are treats. Will continue to purchase here.



    Certainly helps our 12 year old dog with all her aches & pains! I keep most of the chews in the refrigerator as when they are out a long time and apparently get old (taste-wise I assume) our dog won't eat them. But, in the fridge, in a sealed container, they apparently stay fresh and are delicious treats. Buying the big container is a great savings!


    Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

    I've adopted two Newfoundlands, ages 5 and 7 years. The oldest one seems to have arthritis and the younger one has had a broken leg in the past. For this reason my vet recommended these joint supplements. While I can't describe whether or not they are providing sore joint relief, because my dogs don't complain, I can tell you that they LOVE the taste of them. Whenever I say 'let's go take our vitamins!' they go running for the pantry. Even my 6lb yorkie loves them.



    This product was recommended by my vet for my dog's knees. She loves the chews and I love that I can purchase twice the number of chews from Amazon for the same price I paid at the vet. My dog is only 2 so we will be using these for a long time!



    My golden will need these for the rest of her life, so having to pay the vet price is going to break the bank. Fortunately I found this much larger version on Amazon that is a little more than what we paid at the vet, but includes double the amount of chews! Shipping was fast and my dog loves them. I will buy them again when we get low.


    Dawn Shaffer

    Love these chews for my dogs. I have 2 large breed dogs and one of them has hip dysplasia. She has been on these chews for 1 year now and I rarely have to give her an anti inflammatory medication.



    I am very pleased with these. I purchased my initial ones from our vet. Found these much cheaper. I have 2 dogs so saving money whenever I can is important. But, getting quality products is more important -- and these are definitely quality.


    R. Tuskey

    My dog USED TO love these - he's been resisting lately. I recently got a whole new 240-count container. I thought I was set for the winter. However, I noticed the packaging had changed, & when I opened it, the chews seemed a bit different in texture & smell. I think they changed the recipe. Anyway, I think it's too late to return them, & I'd just have to go through the process of trying to find a "chewable" supplement that my dog will actually eat. Oh well...



    This stuff is amazing! We adopted a 2 year old dog that had a joint in his knee that kept popping out. This prevented him from walking until it was popped back in place. He also developed a limp late in the day if he ran a lot and played hard. Our vet recommended that we try this product instead of operating on his leg.This product has stopped his knee from popping out of the joint and he hasn't limped! It did take 2 or 3 weeks before we noticed a difference, but since then he has not had any more problems. We are so impressed, we started giving it to our 10 year old dog, hoping to prevent issues with his joints as he ages. I just wish I could give it to my mom with arthritis!



    I use them for my rescue dogs that come to me in need of help with their joints from not so good care over the years. I am amazed at how well this product has helped so many of them. I also have two dogs that had to have the ACL surgery, they are on it as well and I think it helps them as well. I love this and will continue to use is as long as I can afford it.


    S. S.

    We started our dog on them from the Vets office. Of course our dog cant talk, so we assume she is getting some relief. She is still getting around pretty good after knee surgery/Hip dysplasia in both hips.So Im happy with this.



    These chews have turned my 14 year old dog into a puppy again! Amazing difference in her alertness and health. I have recommended these to 3 different friends with dogs having joint issues. They gave my dog so much more energy. And every morning, like clock work, she's sitting pretty in the kitchen, waiting for us to give her what we call "Tootsies". They have the shape of a Rolo and the consistency of a Tootsie Roll. She won't allow us to forget her morning treat. :-) And I get twice as many going through Amazon as I got buying them from my vet. We are extremely pleased with this product.



    I have read a lot of reviews that say my dog is a puppy again. This didn't happen with my lab. But she is definitely better. Before the soft chews she constantly held her leg up. I was afraid she would injury her other side as a result. And of course she had more falls hopping up and down the stairs and on the tile floor. It took almost 4 weeks to see an improvement. She now uses that leg 95% of the time. She will only hold it up a few steps after she first gets up on occasion. She still favors that side amd tends not to put her full weight on it. But its a big difference from not using it at all. The cost per month is what I would easily spend eating out. And this is much more cost effective than the pain pills the Dr wanted to give her. I love my dog but $3.50 a pill a day is out of my budget. Esp since she's only middle aged. Will be buying this for the rest of her life. I would definitely recommend it.


    UCF Grad

    My dogs absolutely love these chews. I gave a 5 because both my dogs are monsters when it comes to eating. They are super picky and don't do well with food or snacks... so hard to get them to eat, no matter how many things we do to their food. Until now... They LOVE LOVE these. It has become our food topper for each meal. Easy to shred and sprinkle over their meals so it makes them think their whole meal is the chew. It has been a life saver while adding a good flavor to their meals, they also get to enjoy their joint supplement. Fyi: I have a german shepherd and a weimaraner.


    Cougar Guy

    These are the chews that our Vet sells and we really like them. We have purchased some other brands that are very similar, but the other brands tended to be harder and more crumbly, and our dog didn't seem to like them as well. I also prefer the ingredient levels in the Butler Schein chews. We have returned to the Butler Schein chews and will continue to order them from now on as needed. Our Vet believes they are helping our Labrador who injured her leg a few years back, and I believe they help her as well. One issue we noticed with our last order was that the chews were harder than previous orders. The "Pull Date" is okay so not sure why this order seemed drier and kinda stale compared to previous. Also, these chews had a rather brown crumbly texture rather than being the soft black chews we are used to. Not sure if they changed formulation or quality control is not the best. I will order one more time and compare. I liked the previous ones better.