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Boyd Enterprises ABE16743 Chemipure Elite for Aquarium, 11.74-Ounce

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Product Review


After trying countless hair products, Im so stoked I gave this a try. It is now my go to product. True matte finish, and all day hold. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to wash out as easily as others.



Been using this product for sevral years now, must say this is by far my number one go to filter media for my reef tank. Always keeks my Phosphate and Nitrates in check for a good 3 to 4 months religiously. Definalty recommend this to anyone who wants a easy way to keep high levels of Phosphates in check to help control nuisance algae.



I have a 65 gallon community tank running 2 fluval 407 canister filters and a fluval c4 hang on the back filter, I was using purigen and the tank water was clear but not pristine, I added chemi pure elite and WOW it took the clarity of the water to a whole new level. I cannot believe what it has done for the water, I am now a chemi pure user for life, wish I started using this a long time ago. I am sitting here and I can't take my eyes off the tank in amazement, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants the same unbelievably clear water that I now have.


Joe M

Keeps water crystal clear, removing dissolved solids. Also keeps my pH and dkh in check, while removing phosphates/silicate to hamper that nasty brown algae. One package typically lasts me about 3 months, making it well worth the price.


jen fry

I have had an odor in my aquarium since I started it months ago. This stuff took it away in minutes! Just be sure you rinse thoroughly before putting it in your tank. And it’s supposed to come wet, it doesn’t mean it’s used. It says to keep wet on the container.



Seems to keep reef water clean and clear. This does have added gfo to it. The gfo is supposed to help with algae problems. My tank is located by windows so you won’t completely ever get rid of algae, but did help alittle bit. It also keeps phosphates down which is good as with too much of phosphates you can have issues with certain corals!


Happy Customer

This is the ONLY media I use on my 35 gallon tank and my 20 gallon goldfish tank (they are stinky fish) and it keeps it clean and safe. I only recommend this product to friends and beginners alike. Lasts a long time! Keeps your water smelling as fresh as when you put it in.


Erik G.

I swear by this stuff. phosphates were Completely in check within a matter of days. Been using it for about 9 months Ina 40 gallon nano reef tank and had an issue with phosphates that persisted even with regular maintenance. Put this stuff in after a 20% water change and a good cleaning of the hob filter and haven't had an issue since. Easy to use, just plop one in every 2-3 months and you shouldn't have any problems.



Cleared up my cloudy water in one day I had two other charcoal bags in my filter they didn't work so I'm going to try to stick with this


Nick DiGaudio

I used this for years, the best upgrade to running activated charcoal/carbon in my experience. Long lasting, good stuff.I run it with Purigen resin, which can be recharged instead of replaced.If you don't want to recharge a filter product, Chemipure Blue has a similar, single use resin built in, so there's no reason to run a separate media, just get that one, and let it take care of everything.



It's pretty simple to use. Put in line of water flow. Change every few months.It's hard to believe, but some have had issues with this product. Most of the negative comments are clearly from people who did not read the instructions.You must rinse this product, as you should with all carbon, before use. Failure to do so will allow fine granules to be released.This product will arrive wet. This is normal and good.Using a quality activated carbon, like this one, will remove odors and colorants from your water column. We want odors gone because, as much as we love our fish, we don't want or homes to smell like them. What about colorants? Colorants are dissolved organics.Removing excess organic compounds will:1) allow more of the expensive light you bought to reach the expensive fish and coral you bought2) prevent diseases in your fish and inverts3) help prevent drop/fluctuation in pH levels4) help prevent hair algaeYour aquarium is not a "natural" environment. Rather, you wish to create the best possible living space for your natural inhabitants. Some wish to debate about whether carbon is good for a marine aquarium. I say use or do not. There is no debate.



I love this product! It works exactly as it claims.There are a lot of 1 star reviews claiming it's used or wet. They are not used, they are suppose to be both green and wet.Read about the product you're buying before you complain.



I was very surprised at how well this stuff works. Within 24hrs I started to notice a difference in my nem tank. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is because on the package it says to "lightly rinse". This is a lie. If you lightly rinse your tank will be full of brown resin water and carbon dust. Took more than 5 min of rinsing to get most of the resin water and super fine carbon dust out. It was a minor inconvenience for a product that works very very well. Would buy it again. Tip: save and rinse out (very well) the container to trasport frags.



Great product . This has helped me have a very clean tank. My fish use to die quite often not any more with this product. It is goof proof. This product makes even the beginner a pro. I have been using this product for 3 years now.



I've been using chemi-pure elite for over a year in my 65 gallon saltwater tank and I think it's awesome. My water stays clean, my phosphates stay low, and I've had very minimal nuisance algae problems--which often clear up after I replace these media when they do occur. I think these are an important part of keeping my tank healthy.



Crystal clear water. That is what you get when you use Chemi-Pure Elite.I believe in using chemical filtration in fish tanks. Others may argue that all you need are mechanical and biological filtration. However, I am of the opinion that a closed system like an aquarium benefits greatly from the proper use of good quality chemical filtration media. I have found that using good quality carbon keeps the water clear and odorless. The brands that I use are Two Little Fishies Hydrokarbon and Seachem Matrix. Both products are excellent at what they do. I have been thoroughly satisfied to the point that I purchase and use those two brands regularly. However, a Youtube video from a hobbyists named Jay Wilson prompted me to try Chemi-Pure. I have been aware of the original Chemi-Pure but have never tried it. The regular carbons have always done the job. Anyway, Jay Wilson, used Chemi-Pure Blue on his African Cichlid tank and got great results. I prefer soft-water tanks and chose to try Chemi-Pure Elite instead of the Blue.The tank is a 40-gallon breeder. Substrate is Caribsea's beautiful Moonlight Sand. The light is Current USA's Freshwater + Led that is connected to a timer set for 5 hours of on-time per day. The filter is a Fluval 206 connected to a Fluval Surface Extractor. Heater is an old Rena Cal Excel. The residents of that tank are: 4 livebearers, 1 Amano Shrimp, and 2 Olive Nerite Snails. Two medium-sized Anubias are attached to a long piece of Mopani wood. The tank is understocked. The water is softer than what you would normally keep livebearers in and the PH is kept neutral with regular use of Seachem's Acid Regulator. I use reverse osmosis water.The tank has been in operation for almost three months. The water was initially a cloudy brown. Brown, due to the Mopani wood. I did not use carbon during the first two months of the tank. At the end of two months, about one month ago, I dropped a bag of Chemi-Pure Elite in the third basket of the Fluval 206. The water slowly became clear. It has stayed crystal clear for almost one whole month. There are no detectable biological slime inside the tank.The regular carbons, Hydrokarbon and Matrix, seem to do a better job of removing tannins from the water. However, the Chemi-Pure Elite is superior when it comes to keeping the water clean and clear. There are no slippery areas inside the tank, which tells me there is no biological slime inside. I suspect the Chemi-Pure formula includes a strong organic-removing media. As far as I know, the formula is guarded. The literature states it has high-grade carbon, ferric oxide, and resins.The carbon inside the bag is not quite as effective as the Two Little Fishies Hydrokarbon brand at removing the tannins from the Mopani wood. However, the Chemi-Pure Elite also removes phosphates and silicates from the water. And it also removes organics. I think the combination of ingredients also help to extend the life of the product. I am not sure if it will last the three months that some reviewers claim, but it has lasted one month so far and it is still working. I normally replace Hydrokarbon and Matrix every month.Chemi-Pure Elite is an excellent product. I have never had tank water as clear as I do now. The tank is free of algae. And if each bag lasts for three months, it also makes it a very economical chemical media. $11-$12 every three months is a small price to pay to have crystal clear water, no slime, and no algae in your tank.My advice to you is to follow the directions. This product is best used with a canister filter. You will want to filter the water thoroughly before sending it through the Chemi-Pure media. This prolongs the life of the media and prevents the carbon and the resins from premature exhaustion. I have mine as the last stage in the Fluval 206. The water passes through a large, porous sponge, then through a smaller, less-porous sponge, through some ceramic rings, and then through a fine water polishing pad before it reaches the Chemi-Pure. The polishing pad removes even the smallest particles so that only clean water touches the Chemi-Pure. This helps prolong the life of the product as with carbon.Does the use of carbon retard plant growth? In my experience, plants tend to grow best when the tank has been slightly neglected. Yes, you read that right. I have noticed, over many years in the hobby, that plants grow faster in tanks where the water is not changed quite so often. Perhaps the elevated levels of nitrate and nutrients inside the tank benefit the plants. Carbon removes tannins and some organics from the water. As such, I have also noticed that aggressive use of highly-effective carbon media does slow plant growth. But that trade-off is fine with me. Maximum rate of plant growth is not usually my goal. Plants are a distant, secondary consideration for me these days. I suspect that Chemi-Pure Elite, with its aggressive organics-removing resin, will slow down the growth of some plant species. I still would use it though. The benefits far outweigh any potential decrease in the rate of plant growth. You will have to decide for yourself, based on what you value the most. Like I said, plants are not a high priority for me these days. With slow-growing plants like the Anubias, I have not noticed any difference. One tank has CO2 injection and it is filtered by a Fluval C3, with carbon media installed. The growth rate for the Anubias in that tank is slow. The tank with the Chemi-Pure Elite has no CO2 injection and the Anubias also grow slowly. All of the Anubias grow at the same slow rate of growth. In other words, I am not giving up anything that I value to get crystal clear water.Set your PH where you want it, before using Chemi-Pure Elite. If this is a new tank, complete the cycle before using carbon or Chemi-Pure. Wait until the tank has stabilized before adding chemical media. Do not open the media bag. Trust Boyd Enterprises and their proprietary formula. They have been making Chemi-Pure for fifty years. Do not mix this product with other carbon media. As much as I like Two Little Fishies Hydrokarbon carbon, I will not use the two together. If your tank has a lot of driftwood that release tannins in the water, use either the Hydrokarbon or the Matrix. For any other situation, use the Chemi-Pure Elite. As I wrote above, there are some things you can do to make the product last longer, up to three months. Make sure that only pre-filtered water reaches the Chemi-Pure. The Chemi-Pure will not last long in a hang-on-back power filter as it will in a canister filter. The power filter simply does not have the capability to pre-filter the water to the level of cleanliness that a canister filter can. Remember, the purpose of the chemical filtration is to remove dissolved substances from the water, not remove particles and debris. You have to remove those, or else they will cause the Chemi-Pure to clog prematurely. Do not overstock the tank and make your weekly water changes.Highly recommended. This is an excellent, excellent product. Yes, it can get pricey if you have an overcrowded tank and you have to replace the product sooner than the three-month interval. But you know, most products that work really well tend to be priced at the higher-end of the scale. You get what you pay for. The products that perform best tend to also cost more than the ones that do not. That's more than fair. Chemi-Pure Elite is a high-performance product that costs more than mediocre carbon. It is worth every penny.



I've been using this product in my planted 80 gallon tank for a couple of years and am very happy with it!I use it to control excess nutrient levels in a heavily lighted and planted tank to control algae outbreaks.The single bag seems to last between 3 and 6 months; I know when it's time to replace it when I start to notice small air bubbles rising from my substrate and a few small algae spots on the glass. I do not use this as my primary filtration or carbon source; it's only job in my tank is to control excess nutrient levels in the water. My primary filtration comes from 2 other filters with zeosorb, plain carbon, occasionally phosguard mixed in, and resin balls.After installing this properly in my filter, it typically takes 2-14 days to clear up the tank depending on how much algae took over between bag changes. Even in a tank that is heavily overgrown and coated with algae, it works with-in 2 weeks or so. You'll notice that after some time, the algae begins to change color, starts to die, and begins flaking off (the glass sometimes needs to be scraped). The only time I ever change water is after an extreme outbreak because the dead algae begins to decay; in this case I only vacuum the substrate barely enough to remove the dead algae.After carefully rinsing the bag (yes it will be at least damp when you open the jar) and rinsing out what looks like rust and dirt, I place inside the media basket in one of my Magnum 440 power filters. I do not EVER change the water in my tank because it is normally a healthy system with lots of plants and more than enough filtration (over 1200 gallons per hour and 4 biowheels). I do not use the recommended number of bags in my tank (they recommend 3, but 1 works just fine for 3-6 months).



I generally don't write reviews... this is the first review I've written. That said, after much hype, and hemming and hawing, I decided to give ChemiPure Elite a try. I have a 50 Gallon freshwater tank, nothing fancy, with a Fluval 406.My water issues were two-fold. First, my water was extremely hard. This isn't necessarily bad for plants, but the silicates really promote diatom growth. Battling "brown algae" was getting old. Secondly, due to the drift wood I have, the tannins had turned the water brown. While not an issue, it's visually distracting.After a single (day roughly 24 hours) on about half flow, I cannot believe how much clearer my water is. The tannins are nearly gone, though I expect that this media will continually pull them out as the driftwood continue to leech them.It's too early to tell if my silicate/hardness issue will be helped, but that's my primary goal with this product. Hopefully those looking to clear up tannins find this product useful. That said, know that it's a bandaid, not a solution.I'll update this review in a month or so, hopefully reporting that my hardness has gone down.



The next day after putting it in my sump, I noticed my candy cane coral, that had been wasting away for a couple of weeks-even after a 50% water change, suddenly puff up and looking alive. i have a 40 gallon mixed reef aquarium. I know it's only been a couple of days, but so far it looks promising. And for those people complaining that the item was used and wet, they didn't read the instructions carefully. I also though they sent me a used item as it was moist, but after reading the container more carefully, it states that the item is packed WET. It is not used. But I do agree that you need to rinse it well before using it as it has a good amount of debris.



Make sure you give the bag a really good wash in the sink before you put this right into your filtration system. Otherwise, it will turn the color of your water brownish. I've had this product inside my filtration system for 2 months now and it's working great. Just MAKE SURE you wash it first!