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Blueberry Pet 19 Colors Step-in Classic Dog Harness, Chest Girth 26" - 39", Dark Orchid, Large, Adjustable Harnesses for Dogs

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  • The harness does not stretch itself. NEVER leave your dog unattended with a harness on.
  • Classy style in a handpicked trendy Dark Orchid color. Nylon fabric with high density webbing to add durability.
  • This harness is a single product. Its matching collar (B00HWQNJ2G) /leash (B00HRQGP40) sold separately
  • All pictures are taken with our production samples from a size 3/4"(wide) * 20-26"(chest).

  • Product Review

    H Bomb

    We've only gone on one long walk with this harness and I already love it! My hyperactive schnuazer didn't weasle out of it like she's done with two other designs. After I adjusted the buckles to suit her weirdo frame, it fit perfectly. No sign of rubbing or chafing. She has a habit of spinning in circles as she walks (she goes twice the distance I do on any given walk) and the upper double D-ring clip worked much better in letting the leash buckle pivot than her other harnesses.The color (emerald in my case) is also so, so pretty! As soon as I opened this harness, I got back onto the Amazon app and bought the matching leash.


    Judy jaye

    I purchased two of these leashes and I'm really glad I did. I love the color, it's a beautiful green. The stitching on the handle as well as at the collar clip is very secure and I don't have any fears that my 72 pound lab will break either end. I've always used a 4 foot leash, but I really like that extra foot on these and my dogs seem to appreciate it also. I will definitely buy these again and will be looking into other blueberry pet products as well. I will definitely recommend these to other pet owners.


    Sierra Elise

    Great length to walk a dog with, keeps them close by.This leash seems sturdy and we have large breed dogs (Golden retriever and Bernese mountain dog) so they weigh 75+lbs and I’ve never felt as though the leash couldn’t hold their weight, even if they’ve pulled or lunged towards something.Our dogs, as puppies, also chewed on the leashes while they were being trained but they never were able to chew through the leash and cause damage to its structural integrity.The color is also vibrant and doesn’t fade, which is an added bonus!


    Samantha Duncombe

    I’ve had a blueberry leash for a year now for my female Australian Shepherd who is a pretty strong puller and this leash has held up great! I just bought another one for my Male Aussie and we love it so far! I will always buy blueberry leashes!



    We purchased this harness and a matching leash when our new puppy got old enough (or I guess vaccinated enough?) to start going for walks, we intended for it to be a starter harness for her to grow in before we bought her a leather one but I think we're going to stick with it! It was perfect because you can tighten it up pretty small, and it should grow wither her until she reaches her adult size. I also love the double rings that ensure if the plastic clip breaks she's still nice and secure!



    We bought this leash to be a secondary leash (we have a nicer main one). It's a good, basic, solid leash. It seems sturdy. The clasp is holding up well. The leash itself is kind of slick, so it slides in my hand a little sometimes when I need a good grip on the dog. The handle is just a loop. There is no padding or anything. I'm not sure it would work for me as my primary leash. But for smaller and/or more docile dogs, or as a backup, it works nicely.



    We bought this leash for a miniature dachsund--she is a puppy and only weighs 4lb 7oz. This leash should last the rest of her life (unless she chews it into oblivion). My gripe with this leash is that the clasp that attaches to the collar is very heavy and wants to always drop to the front of her neck due to its weight. It also falls forward on her heavier (7lb 4oz) brother and would on any other dog as well (maybe it's supposed to). Other than that complaint, the leash is well made, the color vibrant and matches the collar we got (from Blueberry).


    Autumn Covington

    Works exactly as expected. She did gnaw through it a little but it just frayed it, and after resizing it tighter the gnawed part is under the length adjuster so it’s not being exposed or rugged on. Great color and fit, although she will grow out of it in a few weeks I’m sure. I love this brand, I have their purple seat belt and as you can see the daisy printer collar. Highly recommended.



    I ordered my lab mix (40 lbs) and dutch shepherd mix (45 lbs) new collars, and decided they needed new leashes to match! I ordered the 4' by 1" size, and they work great for both dogs. I like shorter leashes, as my dogs are young and still tend to get really excited when they see other pups, so it makes it easier to keep them closer to me. So far this leash seems really sturdy, and holds up well to pulling/tugging and some occasional chewing. Highly recommend!



    I bought two of these (blue and purple) for my shiba inus. We were having issues with the male slipping out of his collar (a known shiba inu issue) and bought this harness. We have not had any issues with them and thus far have been quite durable. Since they are adjustable, they are perfect since the dogs blow their coats and become more slim.The buckle is under the two rings from the leash which is great in case the buckle isn't latched correctly.I would purchase these again.



    I don't ask for much from a leash except to be able to hold a 70 pound dog that's trying to lunge at a deer or hog that happens to pass us on the trails. This leash fits the bill. It's well made, the length (5') is perfect for my use, and the way I hold it allows me to shorten it when needed with no excess pressure on my hands. Heavy metal clasp and whatever they call the swivel attachment thingie, I don't foresee my dogs breaking this any time soon. A good purchase, I'll come back when I'm again in need of a new leash!



    Got the pink one for my hefty 75lb rotty-bull terrier mix, because she LOVES people and when she sees them she must have them pet her. I am pretty strong but this dog can pull. The harness works well and she doesn't slip out and it helps me get a better grip on her.



     If the center chest piece was adjustable it would be 5 stars!! I thought it was defective at first but with a little fenagling it was fixed.


    moon unit

    nice, standard type step in harness. I got the small size and I wish I could have purchased an extra small on my 11 lb Pomeranian since he fell on the cusp of the smallest size. You can’t really get the harness as small as possible because of the rubberized logo tag on the harness. It wouldn’tbe a problem for a larger dog but I’d recommend sizing down if your dog is on the smaller side of the size spectrum because of this. My dog can’t escape it but I can see it being a problem for Wiley dogs.Also find the plastic “stoppers” are not for that at all. They freely slide around like an accessory rather than serving a purpose. It doesn’t effect my use since my dog is small and doesn’t pull, but for a stronger or more determined dog I can see the buckles loosening.


    Krysteen Dee

    I love this leash and I've gotten lots of compliments on the vibrant turquoise color. The quality is great and has limited wear even with my teething puppy chewing on it.I will note that I found nylon leashes and collars in the same turquoise color at Walmart for much less than these products. I bought one of the leashes as a spare and you can definitely tell that it's not nearly as durable as the Blueberry leash. The walmart leash is good enough as a spare but I still love my Blueberry leash!


    The Well Read Baron

    Adorable product and great to control dog without choking. Don’t need so much strength to handle them in the harness.Another bonus with this brand is the colors are consistent across their various products. (Have their leash and collar in same color and love them and they are from same dye lot.).Unfortunately the size on the harness was slightly bigger than measurements suggested, even when tightened all the way. As a result, the material caught on something and as my dog struggled, it frayed and shredded. So deducting stars because not too durable. Caution: If you have a chewing dog and it’s left out or loose on them and they can reach around and get it, they will probably shred this quickly.Love the brand and the color, just material is not as tough as it should be.


    Mr max

    I've purchased three Blueberry Pet collars in the past for our pets, so when my Grandson was getting a new pup, I immediately went to Blueberry Pet pages on Amazon to get a new collar and leash. I've not used Blueberry Pet leashes before, but have been very satisfied with the collars.Since our pup is expected to reach 60lbs, I went with the 5' by 3/4" size. He is a rescue from another state, and at 4 months had not received any leash training. Which means he pulls at, bites, twists and otherwise abuses the leash. One month in, the leash shows little wear and works well. Pup is learning to walk better on leash, but still chews/bites on it, and the leash has thus far endured.



    The size of this leash is exactly what I wanted and what was advertised. I ordered the purple "Dark Orchid" and the color is very accurate from my monitor to what I got in the mail. The loop handle is a bit big but I don't find it inconvenient. I took a photo of it next to what I consider a "normal" handle size for reference. It's not too thin it's exactly what I would expect of a 5/8" leash. I saw some reviews that mentioned a metal ring on the handle and mine did not have that. Also that the clip was too large and maybe for a toy size breed it would be a little big but it's not heavy, is very sturdy, and takes a good finger push to open so it will not open by accident. The stitching and material is very nice quality and I expect it to last a long while.Photos for reference are the Blueberry Pet 5/8" by 5-Feet Classic Solid Dog Leash Made For Last (purple) and my current leash of unknown brand that measures 3/4" by 5-Feet (red).


    Kenneth Davis

    This leash definitely served its purpose while our corgi was a puppy but as a puppy she liked to chew on the leash while she was still learning what it was. The leash is a good average length and is made of decent quality material. The only thing to be aware of is that if you have a young puppy that is still learning about the leash they might like to chew on it and it might get some cut or lacerations in it. I would definitely recommend this leash for puppy training or any dog of any age. This worked out perfect.



    I clipped my dog on one end of this and held the other in my hand and then went for a walk. When I got back, I still had the dog. Great product.