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Better in the Raw for Cats - Make your own homemade raw cat food! Cat Food Supplement

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  • This diet is ideal for all life stages and is made with 100% human grade ingredients.
  • Grain free & Easy to use!
  • 2lb. Pouch will make 40lbs of finished food
  • Just add RAW meat and water.

  • Product Review

    Julie M Nicholson

    2 out of 3 cats loved it right off the bat, so I can't complain. Easy to make and doesn't have a funky cat food smell once mixed up. The powder itself has a smell, but it's not too bad, and not noticeable once mixed. I'll keep working on the third cat til she gives in and accepts it as her food.


    Hannah Eckes

    I used this excellent product to experiment with feeding my cat raw cat food. I only purchased it one time and followed the directions. I wanted to see if my cat would enjoy eating raw cat food and if I could tolerate making it. My cat loved the food and now I have moved on to making my own cat food using a veterinarian tested recipe.


    Nancy M. Brewer

    This was very easy to prepare. I used raw cat food mix many years ago and it was much more complicated. I froze about half the mix in 1TBS amounts to get my girl used to it. I mixed it with some of the canned cat food she likes. Now she is eating it with no extra added. I can’t say I see any health difference yet, but I know it’s much better for her, especially because she is 13.


    R. Havens

    I use this instead of purchasing pre-made RadCat Frozen Raw Food (RadCat is quite expensive when feeding two cats!), and my cats (both just under 12 months old) thrive on it. I was interested in making my own cat food but was worried about making unbalanced food. My cats rejected the whole prey and frankenprey models making the easy balanced options a no-go, and I didn't want to splurge on a meat grinder capable of grinding bone either. Better in the Raw let me confidently start feeding homemade food made in my food processor with whole meat cuts. The premix smells terrible to me, but the cats loved the test bag I bought, so I now buy the biggest bags about once a month. I make all the food I can to fit in my freezer (put in containers that last 1-2 days), and then feed approximately two 3-3.5-oz feedings a day. I can often find meat with no added saline solution for less than $3/lb, making my total cost per pound less than $5 even when meat is more expensive. The most expensive batch of food I've made so far cost me $2.50/day per cat, the cheapest cost me $1.30/day per cat.I do supplement with a little bit of taurine sprinkled on top of their breakfast, because in cats from what I have read and understand (do your own research though!) it breaks down quickly when exposed to air, and any excess is eliminated through urine rather than causing overdosing, like some other nutrients do


    Hadley Howes

    This supplement powder is so easy to use, smells barely at all, and most importantly, has completely changed my cat's health profile! I was told that my cat's urinary tract issues would get better through an expensive prescription diet. While this certainly improved my cat's mood, I was still seeing blood in their urine pretty frequently. By switching to a raw food diet, the problems went away completely! Since I started with raw food, I have read about the dangers of prescription food, which overcompensates with certain minerals that can actually cause permanent stone to form that cannot be remedied through diet, eventually leading to much more severe problems than the simple stones that the food is originally made to treat. Not to mention Better in the Raw in combination with fresh raw chicken is even cheaper than regular canned food! Can't recommend enough.


    Elizabeth Kastanotis

    Really great product - makes homemade food a source of complete nutrition. Sadly, my cat is sensitive to any product with dairy or casein, and this contains whey. She gobbled it up, but would lay on her belly day in & day out, clearly not comfortable. But it your cat is not dairy-sensitive, it's a great product. I've compared it with others on the market, and felt this was our best choice.



    I have the most finicky 7 year old cat when it comes to wet food. Over 6 years, we cycled through EVERY SINGLE BRAND of wet food I could find in my city. As a last resort, I bought my first bag of Better in the Raw about one year ago. We mix it with ground chicken breasts, and she LOVES this stuff! A year later and we are still going strong! Our other cat loves it too. We make 6-8 lbs at a time and freeze them all in small Tupperware containers and defrost as needed.


    yours truly

    My two Maine Coon cats do wonderful on this product. They also love some spirulina with it. They will not touch canned food, now that must smell bad to them (does to me). I feed them raw food once a day and then some good quality dry food. They are very happy cats!



    I have 5 cats that I used to feed canned cat food. Initially, because they were strays I just bought them the cheap stuff from the grocery store, but I noticed that they would sometimes get sick with that product so I started purchasing a more expensive brand of canned food only to find that the cats would only lick out the gravy and would leave the meat or wouldn't eat it at all and would fill up on kibble which really dried out their fur. When I started using this product I noticed a marked improvement in their fur, even my vet comments on how soft it is. I also noticed that their stool does not stink (sorry, don't mean to offend). They gobble this stuff up, licking their plates clean. Because I'm feeding so many cats with this product, I make roughly over 30 batches at one time, using frozen B/S chicken thighs and freeze the mixed product in tubs. This can last me almost 4 months with feeding them 2x daily. Yes, it is expensive, but this is a very niche market (for now) and with more competition I am hopeful that prices will start to drop. I highly recommend this product to any cat owner who has finicky eaters or who want to ensure they are feeding their cats a safe product.



    After reading so many horror stories about the poor quality of nutrients in canned cat food, plus all the recalls, I finally gave this product a try. It's quick and easy to whip up a batch of food for my two cats using this product and a pound of ground turkey. And the cats (a six-year-old and a five-month-old kitten) simply love it! Their bowls look like they've come out of the dishwasher after they finish eating. The ingredients in this premix, when added to ground meat, insure that all the nutrients required by cats are included, so you know that in addition to the good quality muscle meat, they are getting the other necessary dietary components that they would normally get by eating a whole bird or rodent, including its organs and bones. A batch of food usually lasts my two cats about two days, so it's comparable in price to the "premium" canned cat foods that cost well over a dollar a can and often don't pass the "cat taste test."



    After making my own supplement mix for raw food for two years, I decided to look for something more convenient and cat appetizing. My cat, "Slink-Sue," is quite finicky, so I had to investigate the reviews before making my first purchase of "Better in the Raw." She loves this new nutritious mix and squawks and runs for it each morning and licks the bowl! I have only tried it with raw ground chicken tendloins. I will see how she likes the mix with other varieties of raw food.Cynthia Hadley


    Sab H.

    This has been the solution to all my problems! When we adopted a cat into our household, since I am very into holistic nutrition and we eat nutrient-dense whole foods, I knew I needed something different than the traditional so common now dry food for our new family member. I immediately started reading about cat nutrition through history and their nutrient requirements to thrive. I realized I would be feeding my cat a raw protein diet but needed to complement that with a couple of things to achieve optimal nutrition. Went through so many options until I found this here on Amazon! This has everything your cat needs and you just need to add the raw protein of your choice to male a nourishing raw meal for your furry love!


    Greg B

    This supplement is quite cost effective if you buy the raw protein on sale (we use chicken) grind, mix, and freeze in daily portion sizes. Our two felines LOVE this diet. Energy levels are through the roof and it seems to trigger more instinctive behavior patterns. I swear the younger of the two has developed a lioness "swagger" in her gait. lol



    My cats weren't sure what to make of it when raw food on a plate suddenly showed up. One had pure delight on his face, one left to go chew on a plant. I used this product with ground turkey and chopped boneless chicken thighs. Because ground turkey has a lot of water in it, the end result was soupy. Next time I'll use less water than the recipe calls for. The product smelled strong when first made but mellowed out with a bit of aging. A raw food diet is natural to cats but must be supplemented with vitamins and also in the case of house cats who are not chewing the bones of their prey, a calcium supplement is needed which this has.



    I mix 2 tablespoons of this into 1 pound of raw food. You have to do a tiny bit of math to figure out how much to use for the amount you're mixing. The cats love it. I feel like it's made the fur of one of the cats softer. I've only been using this for the past month, so hopefully I'll notice more good effects as time goes on. Just remember to put this away once you're done mixing it into the food. The bag is easily torn up by bad kitties looking for a tasty midnight snack. On the plus side, despite having gotten into the supplement, it didn't cause my cats any harm. I was worried about some kind of overdose on vitamins, but there was absolutely no negative effects from eating too much of this.


    Laurie Gould

    Easy to use. I like knowing that I’m feeding my cat a complete and healthy diet. My cat likes it too. After a $2500 vet bill from feeding him Rachel Rays cat food (bacterial infection) I will never buy packaged food again. I buy good lean meat, and freeze enough for two weeks at a time. I am very happy with this product. Happy, healthy, playful cat that sheds way less. My cat is a rescue from the Humane Society.



    My cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She is a 14 year old fire point Siames, she had started to go down hill rapidly, our veterinarian suggested a change in diet to raw foods and after quite a bit of research I decided to use this product mixed with raw meats. After a month she is vastly improved! From being able to hardly walk she is now jumping and even playing again! Her coat is silky and her mood is so much better she howls for her food and bats at my hand to put it down for her when it is time to eat she absolutely loves it and I love the results, I would recommend this to any cat owner for my cat it was quite literally a life saver.


    Peter A.

    Fantastic product!! It is saving me money while simultaneously being more healthy for my spoiled kitty!It is simple too.1. Buy your choice of ground raw meat (I like using turkey or beef)2. Determine how much powder to use based on how many pounds of meat.3. Mix well with water.4. Place in containers and freeze extra.I find that 1 pound of raw meat gets me almost a week of food. Depends on size of cat. The package makes at least several weeks of food. Depending on what food you were buying, this has the potential to save you perhaps hundreds of dollars per year! All while ensuring your furry child isn't consuming unknown ingredients from less than honest pet food manufacturers!Take the little extra effort and make your cat's food at home yourself. You will be thankful you did.



    I was making my raw cat food when my meat grinder just stopped. Apparently I wasn't supposed to grind bone. Lol. Is I got this supplement to replace the calcium lost from no bone. I like this supplement better than another brand I got and the cats like it to. If you find this review helpful please like. Thanks



    I've been very pleased with this product. When we adopted our cat from the Humane Society we knew commercial dry food was out of the question. Our previous cat was a diabetic that we were able to correct with food. The only thing I didn't like about our previous raw food diet was it was time consuming and I worried about proper nutrients. I would grind up whole chicken with organ meat. This makes it so much easier and I don't have to worry about nutrient ratios. Our kitty loves it and we've noticed huge improvements in her since we adopted her. Great energy levels, less shedding, softer coat, less stinky litter box.Our meal prep takes 10 minutes max and I've got about 12 days worth of food. I use one pound of ground chicken and one pound of ground turkey. I think meat type can vary. We tried to mix in beef twice and she threw it up both time so we just stuck with poultry. The powder dissolves real easy and mixes in the meat well. At first it seemed like a lot of water and the meat was soupy but as you mix thoroughly it gets thicker. I put single servings in reusable jars marketed for homemade baby food. One jar is perfect for one serving. I've also used the baby food ice cube tray method but prefer the jars. I pull out 2 at a time to defrost in the fridge for her daily meals. Super easy.