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API AMMO-CARB Aquarium Filtration Media 40-Ounce Box

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  • Dual action, removes ammonia toxic to fish and filters water to remove organic waste, colors & odors.
  • All natural ingredient effectively clean and condition water.
  • Improper ammonia levels in aquariums may damage gill membranes, and prevent fish from carrying on normal respiration. High levels of ammonia quickly lead to fish death, with even smaller amounts resulting in fish stress and higher likelihood of disease.
  • Use when starting or maintaining an aquarium, replace monthly or sooner if aquarium is heavily stock and/or ammonia, colors and odors are detected

  • Product Review

    Timothy Neff

    My daughter uses this for her fish tank. It did work fine but she now has too many fish now and it is not quiet keeping up now.



    This product certainly helps by keeping ammonia down in my tank



    Worked great


    CoCo's Mom

    I have the Biorb tank and I saw where a guy said you could reuse the filter and replace the ammo-carb to save considerable amount of money. Works great.


    Lauren D.

    Product works great and is a better deal then in a pet store.



    Works as describedTank chemistry perfect


    Thomas Lindsay

    Used in large tank of guppies with ammonia present. Water changes and this product really helped.


    Lenna L.

    Used to work with filter cartridges. Liked that it was mixed with the carbon pellets which made changing filters easier.



    A little on the new side with having aquariums. Was having a cloudy mucky issue even after a water change. Best friend told me to purchase this and made me aware of what it does. My tank is clear again and my fish are happy.


    James F McCall

    I use this in our 46 gallon tank because we keep it overstocked for sure. Being retired, I have the time to change half of the water weekly and this just helps with the ammonia in the tank. I have used this for about seven years now and have always been very pleased with the results. Water stays crystal clear.



    I have a 30 gal filter Tetra Whisper Power Filter 30, 30-Gallon for my 20 gallon tank to ensure maximum cleaning.and use the Tetra 26164 Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridge filter bags Tetra 26164 Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridge, Unassembled, Large, 12-Pack and fill the filter pouch to the TOP, close and rinse under running tap water then place into the filter machine (above).It works well. Here is my EZ <30 minute maintenance:EVERY TWO WEEKS----------------1) Run something back and forth across the bottom to loosen up debris/poo in rocks at the bottom of the tank (I use the large new/unused/clean paint stick - I get from the paint store to run across the bottom a wooden spoon with long handle would work but you would have to dedicate it to the fish supply cabinet).2) I wait 10 minutes for the filter to clear water and then loosen the debris again wait another 10 minutes for the old filter to do it cleaning.3) Now change the filter with a new one, fill the filter pouch to the TOP with the carbon rock. I use API Ammo-Carb, Half Gallon Carton, Net Weight 40-Oz, close the filter pouch and rinse entire outside of pouch under running tap water for 1 minute then place into the filter machine (above). In an hour or two the water will clear.That's it. Less than 30 mins you have cleaner water.



    These crystals helped reduce my tank ammonia! I rinsed them, then put them in my Aqueon quietflow e. They helped take my ammonia levels down which is a huge relief! For my small filter, this box will last me quite a while.


    Lola England

    I have used this product for many years with my Magnum Hot canister filters and never had a problem. You have to make sure to rinse very good but that is all I have ever done. I fill the carbon bin about half full and use on my 55 and 44 gallon tanks. The 55 has goldfish in and the 44 is a tropical community tank. I like this product a lot and recommend it as long as you make sure to rinse well if you have a canister filter. I have never used a filter bag in my Magnum hot canister filters.


    Brent Hildenbrand

    I use ammo-carb on every filter cleaning. And why not? I send my wife to the dollar store and get cheap knee high stockings and that makes the perfect in filter container and dirt cheap.



    Great product at a great price. This stuff works great to keep my aquarium smelling fresh and safe for the goldfish.A secondary use: I used one of the filter sachets I make up for the cascade filter and taped it inside the top of the lid of the litterbox. Totally absorbs the litterbox odor -- AMAZING!


    Daniel G.

    The only charcoal I recommend and have used for years in my freshwater 40 gallon tank filter- great as it aids too in keeping harmful ammonia levels in check-Great charcoal/ but sorry you grill fanatics - you can’t BBQ with it !



    I have been using this charcoal for years in my tanks. I find that it is the most efficient at ammonia management and helps keep the water crystal clear. I can go 50% longer between changes using this versus other carbon.


    Clay Leihy

    Goldfish are dirty and stinky. We've used Ammo-Carb for several decades and it has always been a great help in keeping down the ammonia and smell. If you have goldfish, get this and use it in every filter you can.


    Review Guru

    I had an old carton of this stuff and it lasted for many years. I use a clean piece of pantyhose and a piece of a face scrubber and the ammo carb rocks to fill my filter holder instead of buying a filter cartridge. I also add a water conditioner (Ammo Lock) after each water change and I use only filtered water and I use a fish heater. I barely change the water (6 months or longer). My fish have lasted for over five years already. I’ve saved a lot of money using my DIY method. I trust this product and my fish seem to thrive on it. They don’t sellit at the pet store anymore. Keep on fishing.



    I purchased this as a last resort for my litter box. I have the best litter box available (seriously) but unfortunately I was smelling the poop/pee in the litter drawer. I constantly cleaned the box, & the drawer with soap/water, clorax wipes, & dumped out regularly. Food is best quality, (not grocery store crap), & poop didn't necessarily stink, it's the mass accumulation of it all. Litter is clumping with the crystal scents in it. I was at my wits end, dealing with the smell. I was constantly spraying air freshener, lighting matches, I bought 2 plug in electric room deodorizers (5 ' apart one at each end of the box), then I put charcoal bricks in the litter drawer, put bounce sheets around the box, then put bounce sheets IN the box, helped a bit, but not enough. I read about using Ammo-Carb for the litter box, so I ordered it. I sprinkled some in the box & almost instantly, the smell reduced!!! There is some tracking, as this is obviously bigger chunks that the litter. I am so happy this works, I wish the litter companies would incorporate this into the litter.