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AKC Training Pads, 50-Pack

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  • Antibacterial & odor eliminating scented issue
  • More absorbent than other leading brands
  • Perfect for training or assisting aging dogs

  • Product Review

    B. hampton

    Unsure why all the other reviews are so negative. I have bought 5 different brands of pee pads and every darn one of them have a leaky problem, and everyone of them claim to be super absorbant. These are no better but also no worse than any of the others. They would probably absorb better if you doubled them then taped in place. That being said they still make cleanup much easier. It helps that our pup is gated in an area with linoleum. I just remove them and mop up anything that has spilled over with good old fashioned bleach and dishsoap water to keep it sanitary and clean. Hopefully, I can stop using them soon when I am gone or at night. She is finally getting old enough to start transitioning to her crate and already takes naps for about an hour or so during the day and sleeps in it a few hours each night.


    Lawrence J. Chambers Jr.

    We got a new kitten who was great at using his litter box but once he graduated to being allowed to other parts of the house, he found the ceramic tile behind the TV to be his favorite potty spot. Great right?The problem with litter in this area is that he kicks it and litter is Now all over the TV room. I opted for a small shallow container and potty pads. We went through a couple different brands. Even though he’s 8 months old he can tinkle a lot! This brand ia great because it holds in the tinkle and the tinkle doesn’t leak off the pad as I pick it up to toss it and it doesn’t leak through to pan. We change the pads 3 times a day and each time the potty stays put.So far, these aren’t the best at trapping odors. I am still trying to figure that out but it sure beats crummy litter all over the place and the odor signals us to change the pad.



    We were using Amazon Basics Pee Pads, which don’t get me wrong are great and such a good deal! I realized these were slightly cheaper when I needed to reorder so on a whim I thought we’d try these out instead and save a few bucks. They work great! They hold in urine a lot better than the Amazon Basics pads! We have one tiny pup who has a bad habit of barely getting on the pee pad so when her pee hits the blue border it just goes over to the floor. We have had much less of that problem with these. Instead it runs back into the white part or just stays there in a little puddle. Will absolutely repurchase over and over again.



    I buy these Pee Pads and have monthly for almost a year. I love the extra large size (hard to find in other brands). I have a chocolate lab and an English bulldog. I use these pads in the bottom of their crates and if I have to go out and will not be able to return in time for the scheduled "going out to potty walk", and they have to relieve themselves, these pads work great.With my chocolate lab, there probably isn't a pee pad made that is large enough because he is such a large dog. But, when he urinates in the center of this pee pad, it will hold very well. I see where people say that the pee pads "leak on the side" - well, that's probably because their dog is a large dog and is urinating on the side. If that happens, no pee pad will hold. I am just lucky with my Chocolate Lab because 99% of the time, he refuses to urinate in his crate and will wait to go outside.My 2nd dog is an English bulldog and this is who I primarily use these pee pads for. He is a dog that has to be taken out for a walk probably 5 to 6 times a day and cannot hold it. So these pee pads work very well for him.I highly recommend these - #1 for the x-large size; #2 for the price; and #3 for how well they work.



    I bought these and Amazon basics brand at the same time to do a side by side comparison and although when picking them up it looked shinny on the bottom, giving it they were dry. To double check I placed a 2nd pad underneath and sure enough nothing was getting through. On the other pads they leaked often!If my little guy went towards the edge of the pad then sometimes it would run off the side, however my fix for this was just to add a 2nd pad slightly overlapping side by side. He didn't use the 2nd pad as much as the "primary pad" is underneath his fake grass mat and that is what he is aiming for, but I have found that it has helped catch any run off if my pup was standing on the edge of the mat.


    Amy Tiffany

    I think in reviewing the 5 or 6 pads I’ve tried in the past 6 months, this is my favorite. Unfortunately, I can’t say how well they will work in my semi, which is the eventual spot this puppy will be living almost full dime. All of my dogs have remained paper trained, due to germs, prickers, freezing temperatures, safety, etc, in my occupation. The trays and fancy frames tend to be a disappointment, because either the angle of the floor, the blowing vent air, or footwell shape result in a tilt, a bouncy spot, or they just don’t fit next to the seat (structural designs being slightly different even between a short span of years in a model change over the years. So in reviewing them, I will say for my house entryway, they are great! Two rectangular pads cover the entire area. I weight them down with the x-pen. Other pads aren’t as heavy and my puppy has discovered the fun of chewing and shredding her pads. Also, their size and weight keeps them from sliding around when she is running and dragging her toys.


    Kenny Adam

    I got the lemon scented and so Blessed I did, because they are just the BEST!!! Got a Pug, who has issues because of his upbringing and he cannot control it, so we try to help him. And we got these in the spots he continually liked to utilize. Well, he still utilizes those areas, even with a pad on the ground and they soak up the urine and keep the poop off the carpet too. I'm happy as happy gets. It's easier to clean a carpet that is lightly odored than heavily odored. Trust me!! Been there done that. These Rock!!! Best I've purchased and I've tried probably 30 of them from inexpensive to more expensive and these blow them ALL AWAY!!



    First of all, the price was better than other pads. And- they arrived on my doorstep lightening fast. I have used 4 different varieties of different price, etc. These work without any problems. I have 3 indoor dogs and they all use the pads and I have not experienced leakage. I have had that problem with other pads but not these. (BTW my dogs are a chihuahua, lab mix, and a CavaPoo.) I would like to note that I paid a few extra bucks for the lavender scent and detect absolutely zero fragrance. Next time I'll save that $ and get the unscented. ***I have a 2 level home and use 3 pads on each level. I'm happy with this purchase and will continue with this brand until I find something else as effective but cheaper! (I doubt that product exists.)



    These are your typical training pads. They're standard size and as absorbent as any other pads I've tried with my pup. Sometimes, urine will leak through, but I've seen that with other brands as well. Unfortunately, if she misses the pad by just a bit, the urine will seep under the pad and make a much bigger mess, but again, that's not really unique to this brand. What is unique to this brand is that they're the lowest cost per pad that I've seen so far. Not a perfect product, but the value more than makes up for it.



    We have a new little 4 lb monster (full grown now at this size). She is now completely pad trained. We did this because, when it's cold outside, she doesn't do well at all. We got these pads because they were a great deal, and we thought the Eucalyptus scent would be great.Pros: They have a pretty decent absorbency level. The 22" is great for our little girl, as she moves a bit when she potties, and this size gives her plenty of room for catching any accidents. We haven't had any messes to clean, since purchasing these pads.Cons: I have to admit, where it is a great price, for the quality, I paid a little extra for the Eucalyptus scent, and it is absolutely scentless. There isn't even a trace of any scent, much less, the extra one I paid for.All in all, these are pretty good pee pads for the pup, but do NOT pay extra for the scents. It isnt worth THAT much.