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AIR BOLING Cat Window Perch Hammock Cat Bed Mounted Cat Sunshine Seat Durable Pet Perch with 4 Big Heavy Duty Suction Cups Cat Bed Holds Up to 60lbs

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  • 【Super suction suction cup】: First fix the cat hammock on the window, squeeze out the air in the suction cup, and let the cat climb up after a few minutes of fixation, don't worry about falling down, because its four large suction cups can withstand more than 60 The weight of the pound is super durable.
  • 【Save your space】: This cat hammock seat is designed to provide a comfortable space for your cat while making the most of your home's space. It only takes up a piece of glass in your home and you can move it according to your needs.
  • 【Durable material】: It is made of PVC and polyester tubing with two resistance cords with suction cups that can be placed in any window in your home. The mesh can be cleaned in the machine without damage and is very durable.
  • 【Satisfaction Guarantee】: You can purchase hammocks with confidence. If you have any product quality problems, please feel free to contact us with 100% return refund.

  • Product Review


    Easy to assemble/install. I only purchased one because I wasn’t sure if my cats would even be interested. They both will sit on it at once from time to time. Obviously I need to purchase a second.


    Danielle Peckenpaugh

    I purchased this for my aunt, she has 2 fat cats. The suction cups stuck onto the window with no issue, they do not pull away. Both of her cats got onto the perch and it stayed put! It is very sturdy!



    The suction cups do not stick well. I have two of these and there is one cup on each that keeps coming loose. Strangely enough it's the bottom right on both. Other than that the cats love it when they aren't falling out of it.


    Tracy Eason

    We have two cats, one weighs approx 10 lbs the other 13 lbs.Two cats climbed up and the large suction cup could withstand their weight and was very strong. At first our cats wouldn't use it but then we put a blanket on it to make it more cozy and that changed everything. Now they sleep on it all the time. Very nice product. cats love this cat window perch.Tips:Put the suction cups into warm water (50℃-70℃) for 2-4 minutes.Dry with a little bit water and sticking to window. Simple and very helpful to make the suction cups powerful. .



    The picture says it all. Daisy’s a happy cat she lays in her hammock all day. It hasn’t fallen down . So.happy I bought it.


    Nia Schroeder

    The window seat was easy enough to put together. My cat weighs about 4 pounds, I'm not really sure how sturdy it is. I put him in it and it sags a lot. I'm waiting to see what happens when he actually jumps on it himself.


    K Smith

    Works great, my cats were not too sure of it at first but I added a small blanket and they have not left it. No problems with it not suctioning to window, I have moved it several places before the final place I decided and it never lost grip. The material seems to be durable and easy to clean.



    Extremely Easy to put together. Suction cups worked instantly. Before putting my cat on it, I tested it with encyclopedias and GRE test prep books. My cat is 20 pounds... picture attached. Very sturdy!



    I was skeptical even as I read reviews on this product. It is not the most expensive or the most decorative in the listings, so I thought maybe it would not hold. It holds! My Bella loves to watch the birds and she would even jump up and hang from the screen to watch and talk to them. This is so much better! It is easy to put together and she jumps on and off of it several times a day.


    Caleb Gulliver

    We back up to a retention pond with natural woods behind the pond and we get lots of birds and ducks and wildlife in our backyard. I have yet to see the seat without a cat in it. I have even seen two of them pile onto the seat and its held up fine. They love it and it's my second seat like this and the suction cups are holding up great. I would highly recommend, great for some sunny naps and adds some cat space without blocking the view out the windows.



    This holds my two cats fine. One is a tubby and is about 17lbs, the other smaller. They love fighting over the space to lay down :) The suction cups held strong and I haven’t had to adjust them yet. I found that you cannot attach to wood—and that was to be expected but I tried nonetheless. So make sure your window is large enough to hold this (about 27 inches wide). I strongly recommend following the included directions because I did not and I had to disassemble it a few times because some parts look very similar (can be a challenge to take apart due to it sturdiness). Just a tip :) would recommended.


    Bob Salwak

    I was worry about that my little cat doesn’t like it at the beginning, but I really want to get one for her since it is so cute to see the cat stay on this hammock in Instagram. It turns out really surprise me because my cat stay on and sleeping for day time. He just feel so comfortable with the sunshine on his face and body. Overall. It is very easy to install and the sucker is very doable so that you don’t have to worry about it will fall down. Reasonable price. I am satisfied with my purchase, so as my cat



    This item was easy to assemble. The first time we put it up it did fall but it was because we forgot to clean the suction cups too. We have now had it up for a month or so and have not had any problems.My cat loves it! She weigh approximately 7 lbs. She got on it as soon as the hammock was up and have been enjoying her naps and looking out the window.



    Being a dog owner my whole life we had not had a kitty for over 20yrs. When my granddaughter wanted a kitty so bad we finally gave in and at her 8th birthday we adopted Luna aka LuLu we had decided she would be a indoor kitty only. Soon we realized unlike our girls (dogs) she wanted to be in a window and tried her best to lay in them but our window pans are only a inch wide so that wasn't happening lol. I came across this and it truly was a God send! THEY REALLY DO WORK! I know some have said the suction cups won't stay stuck NOT TRUE my cups have never released!! We live in the south with temps over 95 all through summer and very high humity. One trick you may want to try. At night I have to down my blinds so instead of removing my suction cups I just gently pull the polls/tubing from the suction cups fold down and all you have to do the next day is put the tubing back onto the suction cups they just wiggle back on I have not had to redo my suction cups not once since I've had mine. Luna is 7mths old Siberian Forrest cat she is 8lbs now and will be around 20lbs full grown. I fully see she will be able to stretch out and her weight won't cause any issues... Helpful hint in hotter areas please put a small baby blanket or thin towel as I worry the fabric may heat up (not burn though) the fabric is very durable kinda like denim mixed with outdoor canvas.


    Josh F

    My fur babies absolutely love this cat perch! They are able to comfortably sit in the window and sun themselves. I am very pleased with the size. It is almost as wide as the window itself and It will fit 2 of my kitties at a time!This product is well made and very sturdy. The material is high quality and the black mesh "seat" portion seems like it would be easy to wash if need be. It was super easy to put together too, it took less than 5 mins and comes with instructions. You'll want to get the suction cups just a bit wet so they'll stick better though, but not too much or they'll slide!We loved this so much that we're buying another one! It is way better, bigger, nicer, and better made than the one I previously had. I definitely recommend this to everyone and it was money well spent in my opinion!


    Busy Mom

    Worked well for about two weeks then the suction cups started sliding down the window and won’t stay put. Cannot use now because the seat dips down so low in the front. This is a good idea but is either not a good design or has cheap suction cups.Update: after seeing this review, the customer service rep contacted me and offered a full refund or replacement even after the warranty had expired. I am very surprised and pleased by this response.


    Jena Christensian

    I was super worried when I bought this that it wouldn't stay stuck to our windows because we live in the Midwest and it gets really cold during the winter. I saw good reviews so thought I would try it. It totally stayed stuck to the window and it dropped below 20 degrees this week. Our cat loves it! She stares at birds for hours upon hours.


    Myrissa Flowers

    She was wary at first but when I came home from work she was enjoying her new hammock. I couldn’t get the suction cups to hang perfectly parallel but it’s doing a good job of holding my chubby kitty.


    Nina S.

    I was very resistant to purchase a window hammock. My cat is 20.2 lbs... I was sure that I wouldnt be able to find one that accommodate his weight. But much to my surprise this one worked perfect! Took 4 minutes to install and held my cat all day, even his 7 lb brother. So i know for a fact it holds (atleast) 27.2 lbs.


    D. & N. Brady

    I wanted to get a perch for our two cats and this seemed like a good price to try. It was easy to assemble by myself, and I was impressed after I stuck it to the windowhow sturdy it was. Our cats are 8 and 10 lbs and I feel comfortable that both could sit on this at the same time without any problem (though I've only seen one of them use it at a time so far). It holds up to them standing up and stretching on it to follow lizards or frogs, or look at birds. It blends in well - it doesn't take away from the decor and the way I have it placed its barely visible from outside when not in use. Two paws up from our household!