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32 oz No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle. BPA Free. Best Water Bottle for Small Pet/Bunny/Ferret/Hamster/Guinea Pig/Rabbit. Red or Green Lid Randomly

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  • Includes simple metal bracket and spring for attachment to wire cage (pictured)
  • Chew resistance nipple, easy to refill
  • Will come with a red or green lid randomly - See pictures for lid colors - Lid color may vary but quality of lid, elbow, metallic nipple and bottle are the same with both colors

  • Product Review


    I've been looking for a bigger water bottle for my rabbit that doesn't drip, and this is it! It's a good size, easy to attach to the cage and assemble, and easy for pets to figure out. I also like the flip-top. I don't have to take the bottle out of the holder every time I want to refill it now! It was easy to clean too. I didn't look closely when buying, so the rabbit design on the top was a pleasant surprise. It matches the hay rack and litter box I chose (green). This will be my go-to in the future!


    L. K.

    I was tired of fighting other bottles on and off of my 6lb lionhead rabbit’s cage several times a day as she repeatedly emptied them, and this bottle looked like the best solution. It’s larger than most small animal bottles on the market and can be filled from the top without removing it. I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure what all of the pieces that came with it are for (I see replacement parts for the metal nipple, but not entirely clear on how one would change it out as the one attached to the black elbow piece was not able to be budged). But what’s already ready to go works as advertised. There was zero leaking from first fill, and my rabbit used it immediately. Both cage attachments fit the bottle fine (both are shown in picture). I opted to leave the solid wire attachment on over the spring one because the bottle kept sliding over with the spring, which was rather loose. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this bottle, and my rabbit is hydrated and unfazed by the new nipple.



    UPDATED: Really liked the top-load design of this small animal water bottle (we have pet rats). I ordered it because we've had trouble with various other brands and styles leaking in the cage. The design is nice and pieces are sturdy and well thought out. While less than many other water bottles, the piece we received did leak a little. I left a review noting this. I was contacted by the manufacturer soon after. The were polite and professional, but apologized that the piece I bought didn't meet my, or their, standards. They offered to send out a free replacement part right away to make it right. I agreed and a few days later I received the new part (and a spare). No charge for shipping even- they just wanted a happy customer! The new piece works great (no leaks) and I'm amazed by their initiative and customer service. I feel sure that anything I buy from them in the future will be a great product and they'll make any concerns right if there's a problem.Highly recommended!


    Dan Knaup

     I love this water bottle for my little ferret, but it's 10x better with the cup attachment. The cup was designed for chicks, but it works perfectly for all small animals, and it's much easier and more natural for them to drink from than the downward spout.My ferret drank fine from the spout, but she absolutely loves the cup, and the cup attachment positively will NOT leak!I bought the cup separately from RentACoop but it's also availabe through from Amazon. The smarter thing to do though, is just buy the water bottle WITH the cup. Just do an Amazon search.Thank you RentACoop for such a great product and my ferret thanks you too!



    This is a really nice water bottle. I've spent a lot of money on bottles and hands down, this is the best so far. I have guinea pigs who love to play with their bottles and waste water. Since I use purified water for them, I can't have them emptying them needlessly. This bottle has not leaked and it holds a lot of water. It's easy to refill, clean and very sturdy. I like it a lot. I've decided to replace all of my bottles.


    M. Coleman

    Previously, over the last year, we have bought 4 different ‘no leak’ water bottles for our Californian bunny (which is a larger breed so he drinks a lot) and they have either leaked horrifically or the roller balls in the nozzle would constantly recess making it so the bunny couldn’t actually get his water out at all. The bunny was so happy with this new WORKING water bottle he stood there drinking for ten minutes, then came to the cage door for my attention so I would give him chin scratches and then he went back to the water bottle for another five minutes.I do wish the bottle was still 64 oz like his old one, but at least filling this one is easier and cleaning it is MUCH easier than any previous bottle. This was so worth the money to finally solve the issue of my poor guy constantly having to get a human’s attention because his water wasn’t working. It seems sturdy. As previously mentioned, the filling and cleaning are both a total breeze, and I only had to show him how to use it once and he was off and guzzling his water on his own. I will see over the coming months, whether it holds up because he is a hefty bunny and he is hard on his things. Aside from it being a little smaller than I’d like, It seems like maybe finding a way to increase the pin and nozzle size for larger animals would be a benefit, but he can drink slowly and he didn’t seem to get too upset about it. Overall, this is worth a try for any small pet. Especially for the ones who are going to be more sensitive to moisture exposure—this is perfect and I wish I’d found it ages ago.



    I have four rabbits and trust me, I've tried a lot of different water sources--hanging bottles and standing water. This is by far the best. I like that it's easy to take apart and clean (they do get gross after a while) and the nozzle truly does not drip. I also like that I can hang it on the outside of the cage and fill it from the top--I don' t have to remove it to fill it. I plan on getting two more of these.



    Our previous water dispenser dripped terribly after about 9 months of use. and I was on the verge of buying another (chalked it up to design of the dispenser) when I happened to come across this one.The design is completely different but our guinea pig had no problems switching to this one. Best of all it doesn’t leak and refilling it is super easy plus it holds a lot more water.The major bonus to switching is that there is no backwash with this design.



    Doesn’t drip! I needed this years ago for my guinea pigs. They use it just fine. Fits securely to cage and slides in and out easily for cleaning. Very happy with this product.


    A Sanders

    This is easy to hang and fill and it does not leak. I was concerned that the straight down angle would not work as well for the animals, but they have no problems.**UPDATE** After hanging this bottle in the same position as the last one (which was the hung in the same as the first bottle I found that didn't drip for years which had a pin-in-tube action similar to this one), it made a wet mess in the cage. This seemed really odd as I tested it before hanging and then checked it for the first few hours after hanging and it was fine. So, I tested the previous ball-in-tube bottle outside the cage and no leaking.Apparently it is a matter of very sloppy drinking. So, I raised this new bottle so that the adult guinea pigs have to stretch just very slightly to use, and no leaks (I had been about to update this with low stars).I suspect that other complaining of leaking may have positioned poorly. This bottle has pin-down configuration. The earlier model I used with a pin had the pin-on-top, and the ball is a standard ball in tube. The action is different on all and the height that works for one may not work for the others.


    Erica Snyder

    This is great for my two guinea pigs. It does not drip or leak. It is easy to refill. It lasts for days. I purchased this because I can take a two-day trip now without having someone come refill my guinea pigs water while I'm gone.


    Samuel Allen

     This thing is very big and durable, it will hold more than 16oz of water! My Guinea pig loves it and is very pleased as far as I can tell. It seems to be made with a better plastic then the previous 4 bottles I’ve owed that claim to be “leakproof” I’m very happy with this purchase of the water bottle!


    Always Looking for the Truth

    I cannot tell you HOW many different water bottles we have tried for our guinea pigs; there are just too many different types to list them all here. Invariably, there is an issue with them - they leak, they drip, the rubber gaskets wear out, or they are simply hard to clean properly.The Lixit bottles are the closest to this one, by RentACoop, that have been acceptable - close, but not quite great. The RentACoop Small Animal Water Bottle is easy to fill, and fits snugly up against the wire bars of the cage. I did have to adapt the wire holder just a bit - trimmed the length of the arm hooks back a bit - but, other than that, love it!I just called the company today, and they said they are coming out with a new design for the wire holder that attaches the bottle to the cage, so I'll see how that one is.As far as dripping or leaking goes - there is NONE! We have seven guinea pigs and one rabbit, and I would love to have back all the money we have spent to find good water bottles that are easy to fill, and DO not leak. This one was a good investment, AND it is super easy to refill, too. All you have to do is open the lid and add water.This bottle is used by our male guinea pig, who is in a cage by himself. Although he was used to the ball nozzle type, it did not take him more than about half an hour to figure out how to work the tip.One more thing - due to the design of the bottle, it is also VERY easy to thoroughly clean, unlike most of the small animal water bottles that are on the market. So far, this one has been a winner!UPDATE FEB 9, 2019 - We like this bottle so much for one of our seven guinea pigs, that I purchased another for one of our girl who is in a cage by herself. It took her a few hours to figure out how to use it, but - she did! Because the wire holder did not fit snugly up against the wire bars of her cage, I put a plastic "potato chip bag" clip on the outside, between the wire and the bottle. THAT solved the issue, and I put one on the other RentACoop bottle that our male has on his cage. It keeps the bottle nestled tightly up against the wire bars, and keeps it upright.We have had no leaking issues with these bottles, at all, so I feel we can confidently recommend them for anyone who needs a drip bottle for their pets.


    Tianna Morgan

    I love this water bottle, and it does not leak! I have a few other water bottles that weren't supposed to leak and they always did. I hate the bottles with the ball because of leaking, but this one doesn't have any of those issues. Our baby ferret was able to use it from the day we brought her home.The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because we had it temporarily on a smaller rabbit cage, with horizontal wires, while we waited for the ferret cage to arrive. When we went to move it to the new cage we realized that we could not get it off without spilling some water.So this is perfect for a cage with vertical wires, just take something and turn the hooks to fit on sideways (that's what we did) and you'll have the best water bottle you could possibly have for your little friendsWorth every penny spent


    Robert Andre de Roziere Jr

    Well this product clearly drips, and I think even more than my $2 water bottle from the pet store. I had this filled up all the way and you can see where the water line is now. That’s roughly 12 hours worth of dripping over night. The only reason I’m giving this two stars is because the concept is great and I like how you can fill it while still attached to the cage. Take away that and this is a zero star product if you want something that doesn’t drip.**UPDATE**Their customer service had reached out to me and got me a new bottle. I have no idea what was different with this one but it was true to the description. No leaks at all. I love it. Now I would have been even more ecstatic if the first bottle I purchased would have been the same. So maybe you’ll get an amazing one or one that pours water... is it worth the risk? I say yes, because the ease of this and getting one that really doesn’t even leak is amazing.Before I soaked my cage again I left this one at the sink overnight with a line. You can see how essentially nothing was dripped out. They do have great customer service and we’re on top of it.


    Jeff Marnon

    I have a chinchilla so it's SUPER important to have a water bottle that doesn't drip. I've bought about 4 bottles that all claimed to be no drip before doing some insane research and somehow coming across this one! I was worried at first that he wouldn't be able to figure out the different nozzle (all the bottles I've had were the kind with the little ball). It took a while, and I had to show him a few times, but thankfully chinchillas are curious little guys and he nibbled on it to inspect it and figured it out within the first day of putting it in there. The only complaint I have is that the wire used to hold it on the cage is just a little too small so it was nearly impossible to get the container on. Easy enough to fix by unbending the hooks a bit to make it longer.


    Kelly Brandt

    I searched for a year to find a bottle that doesn’t leak, then I found this one. It leaks a teeny tiny bit, but not enough to leave the bedding in the cage wet. It’s like a drop of water just hangs out on it. It’s super east to fill up and my guinea pigs seem to like it. The only dislike I have is that it is difficult to attach to the cage. The extra effort was worth it though.



    Purchase to this for my guinea pig, I give it 5 stars for the spout and easy to fill. My guinea pig use traditional rollerball Style water feeders in the past and they always drip all over the cage and soaked all of her bedding, but this one does not drip and when put decently High only drips into her mouth and not just everywhere. She learned to use it right away day one which was a huge concern for us that she wouldn't know how to use this different style. The metal spout is a good quality and seems to do well one and only major complaint with this product is I give it zero stars for hanging on the side of the cage it tips sideways and I have it tied in a few spots to hold it up right so it really just needs something to hold it better on the cage I don't like having to tie down there because I do take it off to wash it thoroughly. This will definitely be the one that I purchase again though. I think this in a larger version would probably work well for other pets. Rollerball style water feeders just don't seem to give enough water to any pet no matter the size I've noticed. In the last thing you want is your little friend to get dehydrated!



    I am pretty unhappy with the crappy wire cage attachment, if I keep it I'll have to purchase some wire to stabilize it and keep it from falling down. It was difficult to get onto the cage. The other thing I was disappointed in was that the bottle is so small. It seems little for 32 oz, I previously had a 32oz Lixit water bottle and it is comparatively much larger. I'm not totally sold on it yet... I may end up returning it and getting another Lixit since that one attaches better to the cage and seems to be a true 32 oz. The only reason I decided to get something else was because the Lixit started leaking from somewhere, but it lasted a solid 2 years or so. Aside from the size and attachment issues, my rabbits figured out how to drink from it pretty quickly and it didn't seem like it leaked at all. I'll try to attach photos later if I can.**UPDATE**So after I wrote my review I was contacted by the company wanting to make things right. They ended up sending me a prototype cage attachment, which was moderately better, and then shortly after sent another bottle with two more different attachments. I'm very happy with one of the wire attachments they sent, it is a better fit that actually holds the bottle up well and didn't require much effort to put on. I was very impressed with their customer service and dedication to making sure I was happy with the product I received. I would definitely buy from these people again, and am at last happy with the water bottle! It does exactly what it should do and has yet to drip. My only minor complaint is that the spigot is about half an inch from the bottom, so it can appear like your bunnies still have a bit of water left but actually cannot get any out. But otherwise I am very happy with my RentACoop water bottle, and so are my bunnies.



    I can't begin to tell you how many "leak-proof" small animal water bottles I've bought over the course of 7 years. They all leak, some a lot more than others, but they always make a huge mess.This bottle DOES NOT LEAK. I'm so excited, I'm thinking about getting a second one, just in case the first one breaks. The company says they'll replace, but what would my guinea pigs drink from in the mean time???I'm very impressed so far. I truly hope they've finally solved the water bottle problem.